Toyota Land Cruiser 2016 Release Date And Specifications


Leaked photos are significantly as car enthusiasts’ eyes to see how far the future vehicle of particular automaker has done. It always happens for future project which narrower to its release date. Not exception for Toyota Land Cruiser 2016 which predicted will come somewhere in the end of this year as 2016 model. This off-roader has been a long time to give many expectations for its lovers, thanks to the leaked photos that provided by trusted website and informed by me through this post.  What we have here is not only a redesigned but also all-new design from this Japanese automaker.

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All New Toyota Land Cruiser 2016

Someone who named himself as hamad1two3 has uploaded some photos of Toyota Land Cruiser 2016 at his Instagram account. These photos are like scanned of brochure which using Japanese language and I believe that they are what we have been waited before, updated Land Cruiser. The last year we have seen for this car was 2013 ago. This is the perfect time for Toyota to give something fresh in the market scene especially Asia with this vehicle. This SUV car was the favorite one at that time. I think it will be the favorite one once again later.

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Toyota Land Cruiser 2016 Designs

Toyota Land Cruiser 2016 design


The Toyota Land Cruiser 2016 comes with new design of lights, head and tail, according to these photos. The new bumper carried them with its loyalty at the front side. The grille looked different because of some splashes from the new chrome. Say goodbye to rounded body, because boxier body is absolutely suit for SUV class. You know that we are bored to see rounded cars today. Modern is not always rounded. Let us see the truly car era once more with box body. Moreover, the alloy wheel which using new design completes our expectation for the exterior segment.

The interior of Toyota Land Cruiser 2016 has added new instrument cluster. These things will fresher the cabin with new arrangement of center console. I believe that there are premium materials on what have seen at these photos.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2016 Under the Hood

Toyota Land Cruiser 2016 interior

We have nothing for proving what engine lied down under the hood of Toyota Land Cruiser 2016. But, some rumors said that Toyota will keep their V8 option such 5.7 Liter for this SUV. This is necessary for Land Cruiser because this engine carries 381 horsepower for its top speed and only 401 ft-lb of torque, the engine that we found at its outgoing model.

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