The Superstar Car – Lamborghini Reventon

Lamborghini Reventon is the most perfect Lamborghini design which show the real characteristics of the Lamborghini. The sculpture is made from the random shapes but great looks. the body shape of this car will also make you feel likes look the superhero’s car.

Lamborghini Reventon Photos

The Lamborghini choose the grey color for this car to make it looks elegant. The grey color which combined with the futuristic sculpture for the front side will show you the strength of the engine performance. To increase the beauty of this Lamborghini Reventon, you can see the back side of this car looks like the back side of the Murcielago series but with more simple way and glasses.

Lamborghini Reventon review

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Lamborghini Reventon Engine and Interior Specification

Lamborghini will never produce the car with the bad engine performance or the slow run car. You will never find the slow car produced by the Lamborghini. For this Lamborghini Reventon, Lamborghini installing the perfect Italian engine to enhance the performance of this superstar Lamborghini Reventon. The engine which installed for this car is the 6.5 L with 12 V which produce the power up to 661 horsepower. This power is so perfect for the sporty car. The engine allows you to accelerate this car from 0 to 60 sprint only in 3.4 seconds. It is amazing, right?

Lamborghini Reventon specification

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For the interior, this Lamborghini Reventon is completed with the simple but modern interior design and feature. But, you will not get too much for the entertainment feature. But, you do not have to worry because you can add some features by yourself.

Lamborghini Reventon Price

After talking about the specification, then, we should have to talk about the price. This Lamborghini Reventon has the expensive price, it is about $840.000. Why this car price is too expensive? It’s because this car is produced only 20 units around the world. So, this car is the exclusive car.

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