2016 BMW X1 Redesigned

2016 BMW X1 is being prepared to hit the market next year. The car has been designed by designers which are working very hard, since the company gives the purpose to show this vehicle in homeland at one of the greatest car show in Frankfurt, Germany. However, this new BMW X1 is going to come as 2016 year model.

The company has announced that 2016 BMW X1 will have modifications on new styling and engine. The next BMW X1 has been testing in the street and this SUV will be the first car of the second generation. The current X1 will come in the rear-wheel-drive platform of the BMW 1-series Hatchback which has been sold around the world, while the 2016 BMW X1 will be featured by the UKL platform which can be found on the 2-Series Active Tourer.

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The new 2016 BMW X1 will hit the market generally redesigned. This new BMW X1 offers the comfortable ride, and modern features as well as the fuel economy which has been increased. The new 2016 BMW X1 has major technological innovation which is Connect Drive package and accessories.

2016 BMW X1 Redesign

The most crucial thing is this car offers a different underpinning. It will cause the changes of the dimension of 2016 BMW X1. This new BMW X1 will be shorter than its predecessor which is specifically visible on the front end. And then beside the length of this car, the body shape of this BMW X1 also influenced by a couple of design alterations.

2016 BMW X1

2016 BMW X1 is more aggressive which is completed with front fascia which has been remodeled. The kidney grill of this BMW X1 will stay unchanged while the shape of the headlights is slightly altered. BMW X1 will be lighter because of the aluminum and carbon fiber for its designing.

The changes of 2016 BMW X1 will not be made only in engine lineup. The styling will be typical to its brother X5 which is completed with a couple of familiar lines. BMW X1 2016 is preparing for the new front fascia which will make the aerodynamic a better work. This new BMW X1 also provides nose and kidney grille which has been refreshed.

2016 BMW X1 review

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Release Date

2016 BMW X1 is one of the models of BMW X family which gets a drastic expansion. This car will come to the car market in mid to late 2015.

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