The Legend Of Lamborghini Miura

Lamborghini Miura seems not too strange for you who are fans of Lamborghini. This car is the legend of the Lamborghini car which produced in year around 1966.

Lamborghini Miura photo

This car is the classic Lamborghini which become the most favored car on the era. For you who are born in 1980, you might never see the shape of this car. This Lamborghini Miura has the unique shape which show you the futuristic design on its era. The aerodynamic body design with the balance composition can represent the powerful engine which built for this car. Although this Lamborghini Miura is produced long years ago, but, you will be amazed by the bonnet. You can see the unusual bonnet for the era.

Lamborghini Miura review

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Lamborghini Miura, The Fastest Car on Its Era

Lamborghini will never let the others car manufacturer beat its innovation. You can see it from the Miura. Lamborghini Miura is the winner of some awards in its era. One of the awards is the fastest car award. This Miura is produced with the powerful engine which can give you the experience to drive with the engine power up to 370 hp. the engine is built from the V-12 engine. That is why this car is so powerful. Are you wondering about its acceleration? This car can be accelerated up to 100kph only in 6 seconds.

Lamborghini Miura specification

This Miura might be on your list if you are a Lamborghini lover and really love the vintage car. You might look for this car to be your collections. For your information, you can found this car and buy Lamborghini Miura for $660.00.

Lamborghini Miura Price

For you who are interested to buy this Lamborghini Miura, you should have not to forget to check all of the car’s components because this car is not young anymore. Do not forget to ask for the guarantee too from the showroom.

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