The Honda CRZ 2016 Engine And Exterior Design

Honda CRZ 2016 is a hybrid electric car which combines a hybrid-gasoline electric power train which is completed with traditional sports car elements. This new model will be sportier than the previous model and will be based on the platform of the Type R. The new 2016 Honda CRZ will have a couple of changes in exterior and the engine of this car will have more power. This vehicle will be a little bit more expensive than the newest generation.

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Honda CRZ 2016 Engine specs

Honda CRZ 2016

The biggest changes happen in the engine part where the Honda CRZ 2016 will view a huge upgrade. The current generation has a little 1.5-liter engine and about 130 horsepower. This car is also getting a turbocharged direct which is infused 1.5-liter inline 4 which is completed with the help of an electrical motor is going to make over of 220 horsepower and also 240 lb-ft of torque. This power is going to slingshot the car to the leading of the tiny hybrid warm and comfy hatches that is terrific which is taking into consideration the remainder of the package. The car has the efficiency that will perfectly be good to obtain to 60 MPH in less than 6.5 seconds and also to grow to an optimum full blast of higher than 140 MPH. These stuffs are near to the GTI so you will anticipate it to be competitive. This car will also offer a CVT transmission in addition to a manual six-speed transmission.

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2016 Honda CRZ Exterior design

2016 Honda CRZ exterior

The newest Honda CRZ 2016 is going to use the same assistance as the 2016 Honda Civic Type R. Meanwhile, the wheelbase of this car will be shorter than the above designs. The exterior design will specifically have an effect on a couple of the R type out there.  There will not be a couple of resemblances which are completed with the previous model of Honda CRZ. The overall shape of the newest automobiles is going to be very futuristic and also attractive certainly. The aerodynamics is going to be boosted because of the curved lines of the car. What is more interesting is the front of this car will be decorated with perfect than aggressive headlights and also chrome grilles which are very slim. The Honda CRZ 2016 will specifically be rather easy but in line and elegant which are completed with the rest of the design. The exterior of this car is very elegant and perfect.

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