The BMW 5 M5: Reflect the Executive

The BMW 5 M5 is suitable for you those who want show your low profile character yet still has much power without any compromise. This classy one uses V8 machine with 4.395 cc for its capacity. With this machine, it can produce until 560 dk in 6.000 rpm for maximum power.

BMW 5 M5 review

Moreover, BMW 5 M5 can produce maximum torch 680 Nm in 1.500-5.750 rpm with seven speeds automatic for its transmission. For tire size, it use 265/40 R19 for front tire and 295/35 R19 for back tire. So, it uses the most reliable machine among the fifth series. This makes the car can be your solution when you are looking for best car for supporting your mobility in the daily life.

BMW 5 M5 photo

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Simple yet Classy Features For the BMW 5 M5

BMW 5 M5 specification

It reflects the executive because of its exterior. Simple yet classy really reflect the executive with a low profile character. But, don’t be trapped with this simple yet classy exterior because BMW 5 M5 has high performance behind its ordinary exterior. For this features, it has an auto door lock, sunroof, headlamp projector, launch control and suspension control. Moreover, it also has parking camera, parking censor, alarm key, and immobilizer as the features of all BMW series.

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A Significant Enhancement for Interior of BMW 5 M5

BMW 5 M5 price

For the interior, BMW 5 M5 has a significant enhancement for its character of this classy one. The most striking design of it is Kidney Grille that now has emblems appropriate with its design and also shows a line that show a double-spoke design like BMW M has. With those new features, this classy one really reflects the executive look.

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