So, What to Expect from BMW 550i Gran Turismo?

BMW 550i Gran Turismo is another option for auto lovers who yearn for more space, not only for the things that they bring, but also for its passengers. Providing you with some famous features of crossover and wagon, you can drive it a bit far without hassle.

BMW 550i Gran Turismo photo

Too, you don’t need to worry about the changes of roads while driving since, BMW 550i Gran Turismo is almost can handle any road, even sometimes the hardest one. In fact, there is nothing like all out redesigned for this model, however some changes are there for you to admire like shift paddles that you will find in any trim of this series, satellite radio, Bluetooth and some other more.

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Features and Power of BMW 550i Gran Turismo

BMW 550i Gran Turismo specification

Apart from its model, jump inside the cabin, there are; customable rear seats, trunk lid with dual function, and stop/go cruise control. Its safety features are also improved. You get speed, but it is not limited by; lane departure warning, limit speed warning, top view, side view, back-up camera, standard airbags and lane change warning. In truth, there are some others feature you will love once you decide to buy this BMW 550i Gran Turismo. Under the lid, there is a 4.4L V-8 twin-turbocharged which has capability to produce 445hp.

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BMW 550i Gran Turismo review

This engine is mated with 8-speed automatic transmission or xDrive depending on the trim that you choose. In addition, for anything that is offered to you by this model, you may worry about losing the feeling of driving a BMW. Nevertheless, thanks to dynamic drive control which makes you won’t lose it while driving this BMW 550i Gran Turismo.

BMW 550i Gran Turismo price

In addition, if you prefer more power, you can as well can turn this BMW 550i Gran Turismo into its original sporty character. Speak for its feature, its outside look is designed uniquely to show off.

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