Lamborghini Ghallardo Lp 550-2: Fun Driving with Unique Appeal

Lamborghini Ghallardo Lp 550-2 is a proof from the company that they keep on enhancing quality. Though we know no Lamborghini is disappointing, the creations keep on getting better each day.

Lamborghini Ghallardo Lp 550 4

Equipped with the latest ESP system, the driver can now experience better axle preciseness and greater stability coming from the Lamborghini Ghallardo Lp 550-2’s rear and front tires. This will offer a delightful riding, realizing that the engine specification is also upgraded. Complementing the modifications in the term of enginery, the vehicle has that bold character that the owner will be proud of.

Lamborghini Ghallardo Lp 550 2

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Taking a Deeper Look at Lamborghini Ghallardo Lp 550-2

The Lamborghini Ghallardo Lp 550-2 is designed such way to be able to pull out fun and uniqueness in driving. Starting from the engine, the car has gone very powerful that you can accept the challenge to race on the open road.

Lamborghini Ghallardo Lp 550 1

Information like this offers excitement to everybody because, finally, bringing a car with confidence can be realized. Lamborghini Ghallardo Lp 550-2 is the well-adjusted and tuned-in element for dynamic driving, including the tires, stabilizers, springs, and dampers. Not only being excellent in the term of capability, we eventually are able to have safe and stylish driving, thanks to its modern look outside and inside. The bright orange color with exclusive headlights is ready to greet the streets and people out there.

Lamborghini Ghallardo Lp 550 3

More specifically, it is a masterpiece with 10 cylinders engine type. The maximum power reached up to 8,000 RPM with promising 397 lb/ft of maximum torque. The manual, 6-speed gearbox will be more than enough to give assistance, so its record in going as fast as 320 km/h in less than 4 seconds is the real thing. The aluminum-based frame and body will be viable to stay strong during speeding. Being priced $211,500-$289,500, we can conclude that the last year’s Lamborghini Ghallardo Lp 550-2 on every time’s best deal.

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