First Drive – Nissan GTR 2016 Overview

The prices of current GTR always increases now on the market scene of automotive in this world. I believe it will be a good start for Nissan GTR 2016 to its existences in the future soon. Nissan brings a super car here and proof this car deserves the price. The current GTR uses twin-turbocharged engine as its power and AWD system as its accelerators on the road. Moreover, they offer high technology of electronics features inside the cabin. These benefits are found in other supercars which priced at least three times of GTR nowadays. The iconic design such as its head-turner makes its long existences from the first model never ruined by its rivals like Chevy Corvette and Porsche 911.

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Nissan GTR 2016 Overview


Before we expect more power for the next Nissan GTR 2016, let me show you the current engine lied down under the hood of GT-R. This car carries its brother engine, Skyline sport coupe, as the beauty of sports car at the moment. The current GTR has 3.8 L twin-turbo engine labeled with V6 symbol. This is not a standard engine for sports car but it is very glorious to defeat any rivals with its 600 horsepower. The comparison with the first engine of GTR has bright answer here. The gap is around 150 horsepower higher than the introduced GTR. What is next? Nissan plans something larger engine for the 2016 model at least 700 horsepower as the target. This power cannot be obtained without the role of all-wheel drive system which will be featured the next model.

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Nissan GTR 2016 design

If you compare the current GTR exterior with other rivals, I think Nissan has the best and exotic one. This advantage will feature the next Nissan GTR 2016 too. It has quite big rear wing and unique roofline rather than others now. In addition, you cannot forget the iconic taillights and head-turner which remains its predecessors. Nissan keeps these features to make difference from their rivals. For the interior, you will see another set of driver-focused styles which successfully implemented in the outgoing model of GTR. There is iconic center screen there which developed by some video games publishers just to make it more sophisticated.

Nissan GTR 2016 back side design


I am sure that the Nissan GTR 2016 will never too far away from 193 mph of top speed. Otherwise, it will be better. The current GTR reaches 60 mph just in 3 seconds and I think this is the most powerful car ever in this era. Nissan won’t be left behind its rival for this one in order to convince their customers.

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