First Drive – 2016 Mercedes E Class Performance

If we talk about E Class, we cannot separate it with Mercedes. Moreover, the 2016 Mercedes E Class will be launched somewhere in this year or earlier of 2016. This is one of the flagship lineups of Mercedes since long time ago. However, the outgoing model has many criticizes and lower rank than other lineups. This problem encourages Mercedes Benz to increase up their work in redesign the future project of E Class. Most customers complained about the overpriced of current E Class. It means that they want more for the next model. Here are some necessary things that we got before its release date.

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2016 Mercedes E Class Performance Review


2016 Mercedes E Class design review

The 2016 Mercedes E Class will be formed by two major trims, coupe and cabriolet. Of course, they will have different design and won’t be similar each other. These sportier models deserve all-new material exterior and interior in order to higher up E Class rank in the market, especially inside the Mercedes model firstly. That is why they make different model each trim. New technology should be implemented too due modern era for vehicle these days. In addition, trusted site claimed the new E Class will bring straight-six engines. Of course, it is such kind of good news for Mercedes buyers.

2016 Mercedes E Class performance review


Actually, I cannot predict the factual rivals of 2016 Mercedes E Class at the moment because we do not know exactly the models of this lineup. However, Audi A6 and BMW 5 which have same models with the statement before, coupe and cabriolet, Mercedes should keep an eye for both of them right now. These rivals are enjoying their well-deserve time because of on scheduled cars today.  At least, Mercedes will have an indicator how they should make the E Class models to be equal with them. For now, this lineup has not good spot in the market scene.

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I believe the 2016 Mercedes E Class easily defeats A6 and BMW 5 when it was released later. Mercedes has enough time to revise and revise until the deadline has come. It can be E Class acts as the black horse for Audi and BMW soon. In addition, Mercedes claimed that they will implement rear-wheel design for the exterior. In other words, something classy but unique will get many attention from car enthusiasts. I cannot wait any longer because this car is very promising in the future. How many changes will be done by its automakers? Let us see.

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