First Drive – 2016 Honda Civic Review and Performance

2016 Honda Civic has the noticeable change for the better look so it does not look like a jellybean anymore. Honda has finally launched the cab forward design which has been used on Civics for nearly ten years. This design places the base of the windshield over the front wheels which are looks like a minivan and it is used to increase the interior space, even though most of that increase places in the upper dashboard area which is not useable space.

On the other hand, the base of the windshield of 2016 Honda Civic is pulled farther back behind the front wheel in order to build a more upright windshield and a much longer hood. From the view of the side, 2016 Honda Civic concept which has been shown in New York looks like a scaled down Honda Accord Coupe, which is an impressive thing.

The next biggest change is the high-performance Type-R version of 2016 Honda Civic will be launched in the United States of America. The legendary model has been known overseas.

There is no further detail that have been announced on the Civic Type-R, but Honda claim that the 2016 Honda Civic will be the first product to provide new VTEC turbocharged engine as part of the suite of Earth Dreams Technology of automaker which is aimed to increase fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. For Honda, offering turbocharged engines is very special thing because the automaker has not done it so far.


The base of 2016 Honda Civic will come with a 1.5-liter VTEC turbo four-cylinder engine which is completed with the selection of a six-speed manual or a variable transmission. Honda notes that the latter has been increased to be more responsive than previous versions.


The 2016 Honda Civic will also be launched in a couple of body styles in the United States than ever before. These body styles include a coupe and sedan like the previous versions. In addition, 2016 Honda Civic will be a five-door hatchback.

2016 Honda Civic concept launched at the New York International Auto Show which features  a large wing at the back and aggressive styling which is completed with deep air inlets and outlets in the front and rear bumpers. This concept brings a great idea of what the model of Type-R will look like. The front grille of concept vehicle will be shared by all Civics as can be found on the latest CR-V and Pilot crossovers.

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