Facts and Review about BMW 6 M6

BMW 6 M6 appears in two option models, convertible and coupe. However, you can’t expect standard coupe or convertible with its compact design. Its size is huge at least when you compare it with those coupe or convertible you see on the road. Oh, you better know, its luxury stays. Its design alone, they only apply face-lift treatment for its headlights, no less or more. Step into its cabin, then you’ll happy with some color options. It also has infotainment system that is coupled with video-camera like GoPro.

BMW 6 M6 photo

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What to Anticipate from BMW 6 M6

BMW 6 M6 review

Though, it has stunningly stylish design and performance, but there is almost nothing to consider as new but, its headlights. Its weight, even so it is not affecting its speed, still many auto lovers a little bit disappointed about it. They believe that, BMW 6 M6 will be more attractive if the manufacturer cut down its weight. Probably, slimming down M6 is not included into the plan, since rather than concern to decrease its size to make it lighter, you only spot its different face as result of its brand new headlights.

BMW 6 M6 specification

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Down under the lid, the engine of BMW 6 M6 also remains the same. It has twin turbo V-8 4.4L engine for 560hp. The engine then, it is integrated with manual six-speed transmission or automatic seven-speed transmission. Not to mention, but with the existed horse power and weight, your dream about having a vehicle with demonic speed is vanished, it seems that way, but you know, this model offers you as well with Competition Package which can add up its power. For those who are so demanding toward comfortableness while driving, BMW 6 M6 is worth consideration. Moreover with its agility that is better compared to its siblings makes this mode is easier to handle. Lastly, for the price tag, it costs you $113,395 (MSRP).

BMW 6 M6 price

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