Everything about BMW 528i to Know

BMW 528i, from year to year auto lovers admire its smooth performance. But, how about now? Becoming the entry level of BMW’s series, you can’t simply underestimate it as this also a part of popular luxury sedan. From its first appearance until now, the most significant change you can notice is its engine. Not to mention, but all of the 5 series will use 2.0L engine whether it is a petrol engine or diesel engine. Surprisingly, the newest engine, though it is smaller, it brings improvement for its performance.

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Engine and Other Features of BMW 528i

BMW 528i review

Straight to the point, this year model of BMW 528i provides you a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine which is coupled with automatic 8-speed transmission which transmits 240hp to run this luxury sedan. Step inside, its cabin caters you with organized and comfortable environment to drive with. Frankly speaking, the higher the trim the more comfort you will get, however, choosing the base trim like BMW 528i, it won’t let you down. The combination of top notch material with nicely arranged center console, then, driving this midsize will bring you so much fun.

BMW 528i specification

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Still about its interior, here are things you will get from BMW 528i: adjustable 10-way seat, ambient lighting, dark wood trim, rear seats with split folding feature, driver memory functions and so on. Whilst for its exterior, xenon headlights (adaptive) together with LED as accent lights, 17 inches wheels, brake lights (adaptive), LED fog-light and plenty others.

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A good vehicle is not only determined by its appearance and its engine that is planted under its lid, but also for its safety. For this matter, it offers you with standard equipment for safety like traction control, airbags, and many more alongside with stunning technology of braking system. The last but not least, this a luxury sedan like BMW 528i costs you $50,219.

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