BMW 650i in Stylish Design and Impressive Performance

BMW 650i can be good vehicle for you who love sport cars. Some people buy the car for their mobility to work, some of them look for luxurious cars for their collections and many more. Everyone have their reason to choose a car. Then, if you are looking for a vehicle that can be used to work but also come with splendid design and nice performance, you can choose this one of BMW 6 series. To make you sure to decide whether this car is fit for your taste and style or not, it is better for to know about its specification.

BMW 650i review

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BMW 650i Specification Review: Engine

BMW 650i specification

Engine performance is one of important thing of a car. Therefore, you must know about the engine that is chosen to power this car. This BMW 650i is supported by a familiar engine that is commonly used for the rest BMW 5 series which is turbocharged v8 of 4.4 liter engine. It is able to give the car impressive horsepower up to 445 hp and the torque 480 lb-ft. Besides, this engine is also paired with eight-speed automatic system for the transmission. Then, the car comes not only with this good performance, but also nice designs for both of interior and exterior.

BMW 650i price

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BMW 650i Specification Review: Design

To ride comfortably, interior decor of the car is also important. In this BMW 650i, you will find a comfortable and luxurious ambiance that comes from its design. The high quality material can give bot of the driver and passengers a cozy seat. Then, to ride conveniently, some features like navigation device complete the interior. Then, if you look from the outside, this kind of coupe with four doors present a sleek look and stylish design. The convertible roof also can give additional sophisticated effect of the car.

BMW 650i photo

So, after you look at this review of BMW 650i specification, the information hopefully can be a good consideration for you.

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