Another Trim Option in 5 Series Family, It is BMW 535i

BMW 535i is another optional trim level of BMW’s 5 series. Not to mention, but if BMW 528i is too standard for you, then this one can be your alternative. Relating to this model, there is an interesting story about its outdated design in 2010. Say it more simply, it draws controversy. Even so in the end it successfully invades automobile marketplace.

BMW 535i photo

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Thus, how about its 2015 version? Though, there is only a subtle change, but BMW 535i looks more attractive just like other model in 5 series family. Indeed some pros and cons appear, still it won’t lessen your convenient while driving it somewhere on road.

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What is Something New from BMW 535i ?

BMW 535i review

Apart from what model that you pick in its current 5 series, these following things such as LED fog-lights, leather dashboard and sport steering wheel, all of them will be a standard design. Also, in the way to win the competition between its lifetime rival like Audi A6 and Jaguar XF, this BMW 535i is equipped with brand new technology which you barely finds in its previous model. Among all, here are technologies features that assist you to drive this midsize sedan effortlessly; iDrive electronic interface, connectivity for audio and Bluetooth, navigation system and so on.

BMW 535i price

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Step down beneath the bonnet, the engine will be like 3.0L turbocharged inline-six engine that accelerates 300hp. There are two transmissions which are inserted into the powertrain system; a automatic stop/start transmission and automatic 8-speed transmission. Veritably, the engine of this 2015 BMW 535i is not as big as its previous model, but it caters better performance and fuel economy which make this luxury mid-sized sedan deserve your attention.

BMW 535i specification

Now, it is about safety feature of BMW 535i. A complete package airbag, advanced braking system, and many other, it is very helpful to protect you just in case (hopefully not) you deal with inconvenience circumstance on road.

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