Best New Cars Under 30000 With Pictures

For those of you who have $30,000 and want to have vehicle which is fun and affordable, there are a couple of new cars under 30000 that will have been unlimited. Automakers have read the situation that there is a huge demand for affordable cars which will not sacrifice power, speed or performance for affordability.

Best New Cars Under 30000

If you have $30,000 and you want to purchase fast car you will get a couple of interesting choices. A lot of automakers offer young buyers an affordable car which is cheap to maintain. There are a couple of interesting cars such as Chevrolet Camaro and Volkswagen GTI have long been bargain nameplates which do not sacrifice one for the other. Meanwhile, the base models begin in the middle of 20s and things begin to heat up at $30,000 mark.

These are a couple of new cars under 30000 which offer most fun in their segment.

New Cars Under 30000 #1: Audi A3

new car under 30000

When Mercedes Benz CLA and the Audi A3 were launched in the year of 2014, both of the manufacturers used their sub-$30,000 base price as a major selling point. During a year, Audi has stayed put as $29,900 even though Mercedes crept back over the line. In terms of base premium trim, the entry-level Audi has a turbocharged 1.8-liter inline four good for 170 horsepower. This car also features the four doors from zero to 60 in a respectable 7.2 seconds.

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New Cars Under 30000 #2: Honda Accord Coupe EX-L

Honda Accord EX-L is one of the new cars under 30k which is the last remaining coupe which is based on sedan on the US market and can be selected as a personal luxury coupe into a sporty car which is completed with real performance potential.  The Coupe EX-L produces 185 horses from its VTEC inline-four and is one of the most comfortable cars in its segment. It is worth for you to upgrade the EX-L V6 engine with the 278 horsepower of this car and a standard six-speed manual transmission.

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New Cars Under 30000 #3: Volkswagen GTI SE

new car under 30000

The Volkswagen GTI is now entering its fourth decade. This car has been a consistent leader in its segment. While a couple of cars go up and down in terms of performance and quality over the years, the GTI has been the best choice for a fun and capable hatchback in the market. In terms of power, SE features standard features such as backup camera, infotainment system and sunroof.

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