Another Sexiest Third BMW Series: BMW 328i

BMW 328i was launched as The New BMW Third Series, a high class and high performance yet efficient and eco-friendly car from BMW in 2012.

BMW 328i photo

In the October 2012, this car which assembled in Indonesia was launched by PT. BMW Indonesia at Astra International, PT Gaya Motor, Sunter II, North Jakarta. A few months ago, this new car has been tested at Senayan East Park and success invited many auto lovers to test it.

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Review of the BMW 328i Machine

BMW 328i review

It is a car which use a Completely Knock Down (CDK) model. For its machine, it use a four cylinder machine that has high capacity of 1.997 cc called Twin Power Turbo. This cool machine be able to produce maximum power until 245 hp (Horse Power) in 500 rpm (Rush Per Minute).

BMW 328i machine is cooler than another type of the third BMW series, which is only produce maximum power until 184 hp (Horse Power) in 5000 rpm (Rush Per Minute). Moreover, with installing a Twin-Scroll Turbocharging, BMW 328i has a maximum torch 350 Nm in 1.250 rpm (Rush per Minute) and it still constant until 4800 rpm (Rush Per Minute).

BMW 328i specification

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Another Feature and Interior Of BMW 328i

A car that included of the third BMW series consist of Luxury Line and Sporty Line. For price, both has a fantastic price, yap 729 million in IDR. The difference of Luxury Line and Sporty Line is in their interior and exterior design.

BMW 328i price

For the BMW 328i Sporty Line, throughout the dashboard has a red chrome ornament including in its stitching car seat whereas for the BMW 328i Luxury Line has a calm colour for its dashboard, such black color, beige color or cream color that made it more elegant.

For each third series of BMW has a Map Navigation System that integrated to Indonesia Map with three dimension perspective.

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