A Review for BMW 520i Modern

BMW 520i Modern is one within few models you’ll find in BMW’s 5 series. It is not hard to guess with some enhancements, this new version costs you more than its yesteryear model. In fact, there are nothing like significant changes to spot, even so, it looks better.

BMW 520i Modern price

Speak for its price, it begins with $77,900. In the way to make you fall in love with this series, BMW 520i Modern caters you with internet connectivity, satellite navigation, parking sensors both rear and front, Bluetooth, and many other features you can choose. Obviously, the more you obsess with the features, you need to pay more.

BMW 520i Modern photo

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How it Feels to Drive BMW 520i Modern

Want to know about how if feels to sit behind the steering wheel of BMW 520i Modern? First thing first, you need to know the things that welcome you once you step inside. Buttons and knobs that you get inside not only there for its function, but for aesthetic purpose. The same thing applies to the material that is used to design the inside part of this luxury sedan. The ambiance of its inside lighting is superb also. The additional features which help its driver to drive with hassle are neatly located in such a place that is reachable.

BMW 520i Modern review

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Down under the lid, there is a 2.0L with a turbocharger engine that liberates 135kW. Indeed, there is nothing so special about its speed. However, it is comfortable when you drive it for everyday use.

BMW 520i Modern specification

As it is expected from a luxury sedan, BMW 520i Modern has three-drive mode that you can switch based on your needs. Nevertheless, don’t complicate yourself too much about this feature. It is not as complicated as you think since, it is user-friendly. Another good thing about this model is, this one is fuel-economy.

Finally, with all things are combined, you will admit it that you will enjoy yourself when driving BMW 520i Modern.

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