A Classy yet Affordable BMW 320i

BMW 320i is another classy yet affordable of The Third Series of BMW car. Besides classy, the 320i has a high performance because it’s cool machine. It uses four cylinders machine that has high capacity until 1.997 cc. This machine has been expanded from six cylinders machine. This four cylinders machine is able to create power until 184 hp (Horse Power). BMW said that this BMW 320i machine increases 18% than the previous one. It has 270 Nm torch which is bigger than the previous one about +35%.

BMW 320i photo

Cool Features from the BMW 320i

For other features, BMW 320i has Auto Start or in the other words called Stop Function, Driving Experience Control with ECO PRO, Servotronic, front lamp Xenon, display monitor with high resolution about 8.8 inch equipped with Connected Drive BMW feature which is a Professional Navigation System with Bluetooth and USB connection. Maximum speed that be produced from BMW 320i is about 234km/hour. With eco-friendly concept, engine fuel consumption is about 16,9 km/litre. For its acceleration, this cool car has 7.6 within 0-100km/hour.

BMW 320i review

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Decide What Variants BMW 320i Do You Like; Luxury or Sport Line?

BMW 320i specification

BMW 220i has two variants, Luxury Line and Sport Line that has a difference interior and exterior design. The Sport Line has lower price than The Luxury Line and is about 599 million in IDR and 649 million in IDR.

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BMW 320i price

With its affordable price, it is promise a spectacular change with its new machine; four cylinder machine. It also rely on eight automatic transmissions that it is faster than other cars like Lexus IS with six speed and Mercedes C-Class with seven transmission. This new performance of it is more responsive, smooth, and also comfortable. Choosing this car for your need will also be suitable. With the features embedded in your car, this BMW 320i is a great thing to have.

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