2017 Ford F Series Super Duty: The Tough Ride With Solid Upgrade

2017 Ford F Series Super Duty


There are something new and different when Ford claims that they are going to introduce new things to the new 2017 Ford F Series Super Duty. They are focusing on the aluminum intensive construction without the wraps and they intend to make this line super strong and solid for the real weight work. If you see some of the images, you can see that Ford has done something good with the construction without compromising style and toughness – which is the unique signature of the ride.

2017 Ford F Series Super Duty Design

2017 Ford F Series Super Duty

2017 Ford F Series Super Duty


Again, if you see the design of the new Super Duty, the construction and the overall appearance has said it all. It IS a true Super Duty and it isn’t like any other trucks for mediocre work. The overall construction is somewhat blocky and big but not too much – so it doesn’t end up like a blocky moving vehicle. The front side fascia is looking futuristic and blocky but Ford tries to balance it out with the new redesigned LED lamps. The LED headlamps are somewhat designed to move forward so the indicators can sweep back and integrated on the fender. Not to mention that there is a new wheel flares with oversize dimension and also hybrid grille that look just right when packed to the car.

Just like the F-150 counterpart, this 2017 Ford F Series Super Duty will be using aluminum as the main material construction. With 95% of high quality steel, you can expect a more solid and rigid frame – that’s why Ford said that it is their military grade material aluminum for the high quality outcome. However, it won’t weigh down the car as this new Super Duty will be 350 pounds less heavy.

2017 Ford F Series Super Duty Features

Of course, design and construction aren’t the only focus of the company when they have so many things to think about. For the trim, for instance, they will have 5 trims, covering XLT, XL, King Ranch, Lariat, and Platinum with three different cab options of SuperCab, regular Cab, and Crew Cab which are longer than the previous products. Within the interior cabin, the second row will be somewhat flatter on the floor area so you can always carry cargo in here.

2017 Ford F Series Super Duty

2017 Ford F Series Super Duty

Cameras for security are packed – in fact, they have just about too many cameras (don’t you think that 7 is too many?). Besides camera, the adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning technology, blind spot system, and the infotainment Sync3 with its 8-inch display screen will be included in this 2017 Ford F Series Super Duty.

2017 Ford F Series Super Duty Price and Release Date

The company claims that the new Super Duty will be sold around $38,000 with launching date by the end of 2016. Whether they are having a late launch or others, hopefully that the ride will be available soon enough so we can see the reaction and response to the aluminum body construction. And hopefully, the new 2017 Ford F Series Super Duty won’t disappoint anyone.


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