2017 BMW X1 Long Wheelbase Review: Larger but Still Lighter

The 2017 BMW X1 Long Wheelbase starts its debut in Chinese market this year. This is one of the efforts of its automaker, BMW, to serve what market demands especially in Asian market. If we take a look on the brief history of X1, BMW made this compact crossover as 2010 model year in 2009. The global sales have proven that this crossover is so popular internationally. According to the latest news, the X1 has already been hitting 800,000 unit sales since its debut several years ago. The big news is that more than 200,000 of those sales were brought to the Chinese market. That is why BMW starts and expands the X1 popularity in China with the newest model year.

Why It matters

2017 BMW X1 Long Wheelbase white
2017 BMW X1 Long Wheelbase white

We have unveiled the main reason why 2017 BMW X1 Long Wheelbase will be coming in China soon. For your information, the first unveiling of the Long-Wheelbase version of 2017 X1 happened at the Beijing Auto Show last year. The point is that BMW wants to give more spacious interior especially for the rear-seat passengers. As we know, family car becomes trends these days. Moreover, China is one of the largest countries with large population as well. There is no reason by this automaker not to bring their popular X1 in long wheelbase version. As a result, the production and engineering will be conducted in Shenyang at BMW Brilliance plant.

Under the Hood

2017 BMW X1 Long Wheelbase interior

Talking about the powertrains of 2017 BMW X1 Long Wheelbase, BMW is going to offer three engine variants for the Chinese market. The first engine is a 3-cylinder engine that launches 136 horsepower. It is arguably the base model of X1 Long Wheelbase. Meanwhile, the second engine is 4-cylinder engine. There will be two versions of 4-cylinder engines by the way. One of them will produce 192 horsepower. Another one delivers higher power at 231 horsepower. That is all engine variants that they can opt for. For the trims, BMW has planned Sport Line and xLine variants as well. The drive systems are completely available both for all-wheel and front-wheel drive systems.

How Long It Is?

2017 BMW X1 Long Wheelbase white
2017 BMW X1 Long Wheelbase white

Since the name is 2017 BMW X1 Long Wheelbase, many people may start asking the length of the new X1. Unfortunately, we couldn’t provide the exact length of it at the moment but it has 3.1 inches longer than the previous model. The width is also wider around 0.8 inches and the height is 1.6 inches higher.  What makes it amazing is that the lighter body of the X1. Although it has expanded the body, the total weight is 88 pounds lighter than the previous model. Overall, the body is larger than what we have seen on X1 before but still offering lighter body.


The 2017 BMW X1 Long Wheelbase is much more efficient when we need to carry our family, friends or stuff at once. Its large and spacious cabin really helps us as the container crossover. However, the power is slightly a matter here. It is large but a bit slow on the road even if you opt for the highest engine variant.






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