2016 Toyota Sequoia Review, Spec and Technology

Toyota Sequoia was first launched in the year of 2000 which was a very interesting SUV. Toyota Sequoia is larger than any other vehicle, but smaller than a van. Because of that reason, this SUV is very famous among people who have larger family SUVs and like the safety and comfort on an SUV.

The first model of Toyota Sequoia was for sale in the market for 8 years and in the year of 2008, the second generation Toyota Sequoia was launched. The second generation was not get enough attention like its previous version, it because the car seemed older and it had nothing special to offer. Meanwhile, it was sold very impressively because of its reliability, quality and durability. These are a couple of thing that the buyers have to consider on buying 2016 Toyota Sequoia. Now, the third generation 2016 Toyota Sequoia is worked by the Japanese Manufacturer which brings new design of interior and exterior.

Exterior and Interior

2016 Toyota Sequoia has the redesigned exterior which the first thing the buyers will notice. Most of people did not buy the second generation Toyota Sequoia because of the looks. The manufacturer changes it all and they make the third generation 2016 Toyota Sequoia a little bit different than the previous model. The new design of 2016 Toyota Sequoia is almost the same to the current Toyota Tundra model.

2016 Toyota Sequoia has new headlights, a new grille, and a new bumper on the front of the vehicle. The new and redesigned exterior will make 2016 Toyota Sequoia a lot more aggressive in the front than its previous model. Japanese manufacturer also builds new taillights and rear bumpers for 2016 Toyota Sequoia. This new design will make this car look more sporty and sharper.

The 2016 Toyota Sequoia has a cabin which will also be redesigned completely. Japanese manufacturer makes sure that the interior of 2016 Toyota Sequoia provides a lot of space and very comfortable to the customers. There are a lot of new features that you can enjoy from 2016 Toyota Sequoia such as 9 inch LCD screen, better security, Bluetooth and navigation. The interior has the equipment which is chosen according to the things which many consumers want in this type of vehicle.


2016 Toyota Sequoia offers two different types of engine. First, it will be a 4.71 V8 engine which produces 280 horsepower and 5.71 V8 engines which produce 320 horsepower.

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