2016 Toyota Prius Redesign Brings The Truly Future Car

The 2016 Toyota Prius redesign will come as the fourth generation in the early of 2016 later. Toyota as its manufacturer has a big gambling for this car by changing its iconic shape after all. But, it still carries hybrid engine. In this situation, Toyota wants to give more than a normal fuel-saving vehicle for the new Prius. Once again, green car will be the king in front of sportier and large cars next year. The hatchback class with very efficient fuel-consuming can be people choice in this super-modern era. You can have the truly family and eco-friendly vehicle ever with this Prius.

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2016 Toyota Prius Under the Hood

2016 Toyota Prius redesign

It will be disgusting, it this 2016 Toyota Prius Review does not discuss about the engine option of this hybrid car. Unfortunately, there is no any official specification yet from Toyota about their next-gen Prius. We just collected some trusted information from automotive experts that it will carry 1.8L four-cylinder engine with small but beast electric motor. The best part comes from the battery-pack rumors. People said Toyota will use nickel-metal battery for this car with more expensive lithium-ion too. If this is true, good news will strike green car lovers obviously. Moreover, the AWD system is the highest possibility for the next Prius as hybrid car.

2016 Toyota Prius redesign

Another important 2016 Toyota Prius Review is shown by the EPA-estimate rating. Experts believe the engine option above will produce more than 50mpg combined. Wow! It continues the Toyota tradition to improve at least ten percent of fuel efficiency for Prius. Actually, the target should be more than 55 mpg, but the current number is still amazed us, right? What about plug-in hybrid? This model is also expected to carry larger body design such as Prius V Wagon. As usual, it is not confirmed yet by Toyota side. If this happens for the next Prius, it will be a year after the Prius is coming back from the grave.

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2016 Toyota Prius Chassis

Is that all of 2016 Toyota Prius redesign so far? We answer it by no it is not. The new chassis of Prius is not covered by normal steel anymore. It will be the turn of sheet metal now based on other Toyota’s lineups which also use this metal such as Camry and RAV4. What is the impact of this metal obviously? If you want to know, it has big role to create better handling. The lower center gravity of sheet metal explains how this chassis will work. Hence, the new design is very promising especially for faithful fans of Prius since long time ago.

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