2016 Toyota Highlander Review

For those of you who are looking for a three row mid-size crossover, you have to try to experience 2016 Toyota Highlander. 2016 Toyota Highlander has big redesigned. There are a couple of minor changes of 2016 Toyota Highlander. A couple of additional features and many exterior color selections are different from the previous model.

Based on a couple of sources, Toyota is scheduling to launch a 2016 Toyota Highlander in the range of SUV, and the release of this prototype is scheduled to launch in the next two years. This model can be expected to be a step up from the previous version which is completed with new technology, futuristic design, better performance and better engine line.

Because of the three-row seats, the redesigned 2016 Toyota Highlander is very spacious. 2016 Toyota Highlander is the midsize crossover SUV which is suited for 8 persons to enjoy the comfortable ride and a panoramic sunroof.

Toyota Highlander is now ready to hit the market with a brand new model which is 2016 Toyota Highlander. 2016 Toyota Highlander will get a durable and stylish design long with a powerful and efficient engine.


2016 Toyota Highlander will offer two drive units. Four-cylinder engine with 2700cca will be the basic engine. This engine will produce 185 horsepower and completed with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The second engine which will be offered is V6 with a 3500cca that generate 270 horsepower. This engine will offer identical transmission and the drive will be on all four wheels. In terms of fuel economy, 2016 Toyota Highlander gets an EPA-estimated 20 mpg in the city and 25 mpg in the highway. According to some automotive critic, the hybrid model will combine an electric motor with a V6 engine which produces power via the battery. Toyota is very popular for its hybrid model which is the number one product in this company.

2016 Toyota Highlander Price

There is no accurate information about 2016 Toyota Highlander price. In order to know the 2016 Toyota Highlander price, you have to follow the development of this car at the website of Toyota. You will get a couple of information about the price of 2016 Toyota Highlander as soon as possible.

2016 Toyota Highlander Specs

The exterior of 2016 Toyota Highlander features a couple of great refurbishments which includes fitting new headlights, lifting the front fascia, reshaping the wings, and restructuring the back surface

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