2016 Toyota Forerunner Redesign And Pictures

Toyota company has been launched its new product called 2016 Toyota Forerunner and it will launch by the end of this year. A couple of years ago, Toyota Forerunner was an alternative which is less expensive to the Prado which provided very much the same basic equipment and off road capabilities which are completed with a little bit less comfortable. Unluckily, at this time, the car cannot compete with the cost of Prado and a couple of new competitors so it has been said this car is only off road car which can carry more than five persons in comfort over any terrain.

2016 Toyota Forerunner review

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2016 Toyota Forerunner options

2016 Toyota Forerunner specification

The 2016 Toyota Forerunner is not derived on the chassis of the old Prado but meanwhile, it is based on the FJ Cruiser’s chassis. It means that this 2016 Toyota Forerunner is one of the most capable off-road vehicles in the world nowadays. This car has been created as capable off road car like the FJ but completed with more interior room and also comfort options which are better. These options have two more doors that passengers can use in order to access the back seats. And also there are a couple of commodities such as a good audio system which has 9 speakers, climate control or standard electric front seats. There are a couple of options such as two more seats in the back, leather upholstery, a satellite navigation system and also a rear view camera which will help you to see tight spots.

2016 Toyota Forerunner design

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On the exterior, this 2016 Toyota Forerunner will not be much different than the newest generation. This is god enough when you see that the look of this car is quite good. The look of this car is similar to that of the FJ but this car has a little bit more mature look to it. You will see the only changes which will be able to the headlights that have included Xenon in the low beams and also the back LED which can be found in the tail lights and the fog lights. Another differences are the wheels that now are 17 inch aviation grade aluminum which are one the toughest materials that have ever built. These feature standard which are completed with mud terrain tires or all terrain tires from BF. The exterior of 2016 Toyota Forerunner looks very masculine but you also will get the elegant look from this car.

2016 Toyota Forerunner pics

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