2016 Toyota 4runner Redesign, Release Date And Specs       


2016 is coming and it is the time of 2016 Toyota 4Runner redesign to be discussed for automotive experts and car enthusiasts. There are plenty of expectations that will be brought by this mid-size SUV. Instead of technology development, the elegant and safety features are necessary for cars nowadays. Toyota has many lists to launch their ammunition for next year including 4Runner. They promise all-wheel drive and 2WD version will complete this jeep-like SUV’s lineup. I suggest this car is not only big but also functional as family-car. So, let us go to the further previews of this car at its segments.

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2016 Toyota 4Runner Redesign Review


The 2016 Toyota 4 Runner redesign has upgraded and updated interior. Leather material is the most dominating materials for cars these days. It shows us that its automaker concerns about the comfortable of 4Runner passengers and drivers. This is different with the outgoing model which using rugged material. Around the seats, there is planted a modern navigation system as belongs to any modern SUV. For sound system, eight speakers will be harsh your ear during the ride. Eight ways steering system support safe driving for the passenger through any road’s surfaces. The seating position is enough for eight or more passengers.


2016 Toyota 4Runner redesign picture


Let us take a look for the exterior of 2016 Toyota 4Runner redesign. All-new design has successfully done by Toyota. I believe that this is good news for any 4Runner lovers all over the world. If you still remember the first 4Runner, I forget about it when looking at this sixth gen of 4Runner. About the front, new bumper and headlights are the most priority because I heard that the Tacoma has adopted the front fascia of this SUV. So, something new around it will make easier for customer in differentiating both of them at front side. Some rumor said that the current 4runner is another type of Hilux but in the different brand.

2016 Toyota 4Runner redesign photo

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Under the Hood

What we have expected for engine of 2016 Toyota 4Runner redesign? Trusted site said that there are only two main engine variants of new 4Runner. There is V6 4.0 engine or V8 engine with the same size. I think this engine is still comfortable for SUV these days. However, it was featured by VVT-I which give more power around 270 horsepower with lower torque (250 ft-lb). Meanwhile, the appropriate gearbox is 5-speed automatic transmission because it will carry up this huge body with easier way. As I stated before, 2WD and 4WD will be available and you can pick your favorite wheel drive system.

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