2016 Mercedes S Class Coupe Reviews and Specification

I think we are true if saying the 2016 Mercedes S Class coupe as the number one contender in gaining the top rank of ultra-luxurious car these days. It can be supported by the development of Mercedes Benz as its automaker which needs almost ten years of development in realizing the Ocean Drive Concept at 2007 Detroit Show. It means that this is not a fast revolution, but truly evolution. You will see how much technology and engine that belongs to the new S Class lineup through this post. In the end, I believe you will be agreed my statement before. The rivals like Audi A8 and Tesla Model S should be warned about this car earlier in order to get ready nesting below the S Class’s rank.

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2016 Mercedes S Class Coupe Review


The 2016 Mercedes S Class coupe’s trims have opened by the beast twin-turbo V8 engine which called as the S550. Yep, this lineup is the sixth generation of S Class and I understand why Mercedes bravely offer this engine for their future car. Moreover, this engine was also used by AMG for their S63. So we know how fast the S Class with this engine. The new flagship cars are introduced. They are S600 and S65 AMG. I do not know whether these flagships will be featured in S Class lineup or not. Just wait the announcement from Mercedes later.

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2016 Mercedes S Class coupe design overview

If you thought the 2016 Mercedes S Class coupe is just a usual sedan, you are definitely wrong. Mercedes Benz replaced CL Series with S Class for something different than before. The roofline is saying anything. You can easily differentiate the sedan roofline with this new roofline of S Class. Although you are familiar with the body, they offer bolder features in each segment. For the rear body, there is a very stylish bumper and arched segment. The front fascia has a broader grille with Full-LED headlights. Mercedes claims the LED is able to host more than 47 Swarovski crystals.

2016 Mercedes S Class coupe review


Inside the 2016 Mercedes S Class coupe, there are synchronized features between each segment of interior. The automaker implemented slimmer interior which very suitable for a coupe. You can see different way of changes when compared it with the previous model of S Class. The round vents are very sticky with the materials. Therefore, I believe you will have a new driving experience through this car. Let us wait for a several months left for the release date.

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