2016 Mercedes S Class Convertible Reviews

Some spy photos of 2016 Mercedes S Class convertible have available on the internet these days due its release date which will be launched soon by Mercedes Benz. The convertible version has stunned out eyes briefly when it first concept introduced at the 2007 Detroit Auto show several years ago. With almost ten years of development, the Ocean Drive concept will be realized somewhere in this year. The different change is only on the doors because it showed four door or sedan model, but we caught two doors or coupe model at these photos. Cabriolet model is the preferred term by Mercedes rather than call it as convertible.

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2016 Mercedes S Class Convertible Designs

2016 Mercedes S Class Convertible interior

The 2016 Mercedes S Class convertible comes confidently with luxurious look. It reminds us about the Maybach which already stopped by Mercedes. Thus, it will be a nostalgic moment for you who miss the Maybach design through this car. The ultra-luxury design is the best design for coupe and convertible because the look will be more elegant with two doors even though it is not a sports car. Mercedes implements shorter wheelbase for the next S Class. It is very interesting due its coupe model. Of course, convertible won’t hit the road with long platform I think.  But they have the plan to use stretched model of Pullman limo to complete the lineup.  Reporters said it will replace the S-Class lineup with CL-Class.

2016 Mercedes S Class Convertible design

2016 Mercedes S Class Convertible Powertrains

There is something rare for the 2016 Mercedes S Class convertible because this car will have a twin turbocharged with 4.7 L V8 engine. I believe it will be applied for higher trims of S Class such as S550. There is no clarification yet from the automaker about the trims which use this engine whether comes as standard. For your information, this twin turbo engine pumps out 449 horsepower and 516 ft-lb of torque. Meanwhile, the gearbox of S Class lineup is 4Matic and mated with all-wheel drive platform. Some experts won’t expect AMG to create their own version of S Class.

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2016 Mercedes S Class Convertible Technology

I expect more than power and classy design for the 2016 Mercedes S C lass convertible. That is why I made the technology segment in this article. All I have got from automotive sites is about advanced technology system of Mercedes through the cabin. There will be updated materials too inside of S Class’s cares. Moreover, Mercedes added autonomous driving traffic in order to be driver’s assistance while get a traffic jam.

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