2016 Mercedes C Class Coupe Specification And Review


Entry-level coupe is on stagnant phase these days in the market especially U.S and Europe. The main reason is about the carefulness of some automakers in releasing their new weapon. However, Mercedes has its own way to introduce 2016 Mercedes C Class coupe.  The 2015 Detroit Auto Show has the answer. Mercedes revealed the next-gen of C Class by showing the prototype of this coupe. They were not like Infiniti which only show the concept, but the actual look or complete form of this future car. It will bring a fresh air for luxury coupe market especially we are heading 2016 soon.

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2016 Mercedes C Class Coupe Review


Other good news of 2016 Mercedes C Class coupe is about its debut which predicted by many automotive experts. As 2016 model, the car should be released at least a year before it. It means that 2015 will be the year of C Class coupe. Then, these reviewers predict 2015 Frankfurt Auto show as the correct place to make a debut. This event will show its wings in September 2015. In other words, this spring is the witnesses of C Class’s launch. But, it does not mean Mercedes delay the debut for several reasons that they do not want to mention before.


2016 Mercedes C class coupe review


For the 2016 Mercedes C Class coupe design, I viewed similar form of the previous model of C Class especially for the sedan model. The difference is at the lines which more unique and classy. It will mark our mind that it is different from its predecessors. Moreover, the sculpted body is also similar with Mercedes S Class. However, this is coupe version of S Class. The rear design was fully covered by messy things. You can see it from the Detroit Auto Show photos. I understand why they cover it because it won’t be a surprise anymore if they reveal the full body of C Class. So, do not trust the current rear segment on the photos.

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2016 Mercedes C class coupe specification


This segment is very interesting to be discussed because the 2016 Mercedes C Class coupe will use new MRA Rear-Wheel drive system. This is our chance to try new technology which rarely showed by other automakers nowadays. Mercedes feel this is the right time to implement this new gearbox to the public. Meanwhile 4MAtic AWD comes as optional feature. The engine of new C Class is same with AMG’s vehicle, V6 and V8 with 4.0L twin turbocharged engines.

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