2016 Mercedes AMG GT – The Next Best Sport Car

2016 Mercedes AMG GT has been officially revealed by Mercedes-Benz which is the second sports car that has been designed in-house by AMG. The front end of 2016 Mercedes AMG GT pays the tribute to the most iconic 300 SLR which was raced during the 1950s which is completed with styling cues such as oval-slat radiator grille, slightly raised wheel arches, elongated headlights, while the rear ends if matched with thin horizontal tail lamps which are similar to the ones which are found in the S-Class Coupe.

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2016 Mercedes AMG GT Specification Review

2016 Mercedes AMG GT rides on a version which has been shortened of the proven platform of SLS AMG, even though the latter signature doors of this car have been replaced by conventional units in order to improve structural rigidity and reduce mass. 2016 Mercedes AMG GT has been manufactured by lightweight materials like aluminum, so that the weights of 2016 Mercedes AMG GT are about 3.400 pounds in its configuration. A convertible version of 2016 Mercedes AMG GT has been revealed by Mercedes which is ready to hit the market.

2016 Mercedes AMG GT review

The design of 2016 Mercedes AMG GT

The interior of 2016 Mercedes AMG GT has featured by a wide dash, an instrument cluster which is made up of analog gauges and four throw-back air vents. Mercedes claimed that the slanted center stack was created to resemble a NACA duct, and it has also arranged the controls for AMG Drive Unit of this car to show the cylinder layout of a V8 engine.

2016 Mercedes AMG GT specification

2016 Mercedes AMG GT features an innovative touch pad which looks like smart phone that is located on the center console and the passengers can control the optional COMAND Online infotainment system which is completed with simple finger gestures. The touchpad can also be used by occupants to enter an address in the navigation system or that can also add a contact to the phone book. COMAND Online can be alternatively navigated through a controller knob which is located under the touch pad, voice commands or buttons which is located on the center stack.

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Under the hood

2016 Mercedes AMG GT is powered by a twin-turbocharged V8 engine which is called M178. The mill features a dry-sump lubrication system which can be used to lower the center of gravity by cutting the conventional oil pan, lightweight forged pistons, a patented Nanoslide, coating on the cylinder walls which can reduce the loss of the friction.

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