2016 Mercedes AMG GT Exterior and Powertrain

The most rival of 2016 Mercedes AMG GT is the Porsche 911. It has some similarities each segment if we compared both of them. However, I believe you will see bolder design than 911. The AMG GT has a line higher than this Porsche flagship car. Design and performance are better for AMG GT, thanks to the Mercedes which always give their best choice for the customers. The design is very well-prepared because of the sleek and stylish lines on the roof and body. Let us see the details of this GT below.

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2016 Mercedes AMG GT Exterior

2016 Mercedes AMG GT exterior

There are some similarities of 2016 Mercedes AMG GT with 911 especially at its exterior. The rear segment is the most. You will see the same tail lights with its semi crescent materials. Moreover, the round rear is popular these days in the sports car. But, we viewed same round here. Likely, Mercedes has been inspired by Porsche for developing AMG GT. What about the front segment? Here is the differentiation of these two flagships car. Mercedes remains their iconic grille of SLS version. Perhaps, buyer’s demand forced them to keep this front fascia.

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2016 Mercedes AMG GT Powertrain

2016 Mercedes AMG GT design

If the exterior is still remaining the others, but the 2016 Mercedes AMG GT has its new engine under its hood. It is a 4.0L twin turbocharged of V8 engine which also found at new S Class lineup, S550. You can expect more power through this engine. Some reviewers noted more than 503 horsepower with 479 ft-lb of torque. This is different horsepower that belongs to SLS AMG GT. The gap between both of them is around 80 horsepower higher than the new AMG GT. I understand about it because the engine size of SLS is 6.2 Liter but it has higher torque too because there is no twin-turbocharged.

2016 Mercedes AMG GT Hydraulic Steering

One of the best features of 2016 Mercedes AMG GT is its hydraulic steering system. It brings more handling acceleration power of this car. The driver won’t get any difficulties anymore because of this brilliant idea from Mercedes. They took this steering in order to handle the speed of AMG GT. Many sports cars do not have this system that is why many buyers complaint about the handling. With this handling, Porsche 911 has a tough rival. The impressive handling can be found inside the cabin of new AMG GT.  This steering works with vintage air that assist the driver direction while driving on the bending way.

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