2016 Honda Pilot Redesign and Comparison

Pilot is the airplane navigator but this term is not working for Honda. Pilot is one of their lineups which will fill the top car list next year. The release date is coming even this Japanese automaker does not tell how the specific that. However, they announced the price of 2016 Honda Pilot redesign in the end of May ago. The starting MSRP for Pilot is right at 30,8K dollars. Good news is the price including destination charge. If you do not want to involve destination, it will around $30,750. There are five variants or trims for this car as the basic model. The optional which will you get is AWD and FWD options. You need add $1,800 more to opt one of them.


Every brand has their faithful rivals, not exception for 2016 Honda Pilot redesign. If we compare the price of new Pilot which announced by Honda before, it is less expensive than other rivals which have same class with Pilot. For instance, Ford priced its current Explorer at $31,595. It is around seven hundred dollars gap. Moreover, Chevy is also pricing higher value at $31,870 for their 2015 Traverse. These are bad news for them if Pilot has been announced now. However, the main rivals are not them. Here is 2015 Toyota Highlander which has lower cost at $30,050.

Under the Hood

The 2016 Honda Pilot redesign has a new engine under its hood. It was unveiled before at Chicago Auto Show in February 2013. It has 3.6 L V6 engine as the base engine for these five trims. The different options are showed by the gearboxes. For base model, they just apply six-speed automatic transmission. Meanwhile, the higher trims carry nine-speed automatic transmission. You will see the different later after you buy one of them. For the EPA ratings, of course, it has two different ratings. The six-speed reached 19 and 27 mpg of city and highway. The nine-speed has higher EPA ratings at 20 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway.

Cabin Features

You will have modern features in the cabin of 2016 Honda Pilot redesign. As you can see, there are Bluetooth connection, USB Port, rear camera and also push-button of start feature. The passenger’s seats are able to carry eight adult people including the driver. One of the high-trims features like Elite and Touring will make you surprised because Honda added a captain’s chair at the middle or the second row of this car.


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