2016 Honda Odyssey Redesign

If you are minivan lovers, you should keep an eye for 2016 Honda Odyssey redesign. It will hit the car dealer especially United States somewhere in the end of this year. Some rumors said that three-row seats are the choice from its automaker, Honda, to give something different for 2016 model year. It has capability to carry less than seven passengers. Moreover, five doors minivan will be the best choice for you who concern about your family. Yep, Honda wants to target this car as their family-friendly awards next year. Let us see the specifications of this minivan by elaborating each segment one by one.

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2016 Honda Odyssey Redesign Review


Actually, there is no official engine that announced by Honda for their 2016 Honda Odyssey redesign. However, I can predict it easily by viewing the current that nesting under the hood of outgoing model. The V6 3.5 Liter with 4 cylinders engine is the best prediction that I could say in this article. According to some rivals which used V6 engine for their flagship, I think Honda won’t play rush strategy here instead of offering new engine. This engine will produce around 250 horsepower and 250 ft-lb of torque. This power is enough for a minivan which carries your family in travelling all over the world. For the transmission, the five-speed automatic as same as Honda’s truck lineup is the chosen one. It will be accompanied by continuously variable transmission or CVT feature to follow their rival.

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2016 Honda Odyssey redesign front

The 2016 Honda Odyssey redesign will have aggressive exterior. Who does not want aggressive minivan in this hard day? Honda knows what their customers demand. In other world, aggressive SUV will be better than previous model such as Avanza. Moreover, the smiling front fascia is very sophisticated to be looked by the front side. There is a new design of bumper including new headlights and also daylight LED. The grille will make you know how many redesigns of this car.

2016 Honda Odyssey redesign review


For the interior of 2016 Honda Odyssey redesign, you will have refresher design. Of course, storage is the most significant things here because you are able to carry as much as possible stuff that you want to. There are spacious cabin and roomier feel at the passenger seats. Not only comfortable cabin, the safety features such as airbags and automatic brakes systems have been implemented inside this SUV. You are able to control the direction of your headlights as the driver just by manage it on your steering wheel.

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