2016 Ford Raptor Release Date And Specification

Many of car enthusiasts asked about the 2016 Ford Raptor release date on the internet. They are very curious about this full-size truck with its plenty of beneficial features. Ford is very patient to prepare this car into the market scene. Off-roading is what the market car demands nowadays and Raptor is able to do that with its larger wheels. Raptor is one of the F-150 lineups of Ford which is under-development for its debut somewhere in 2015 or earlier 2016. Some automotive paparazzi spied the test mule of this car recently and answer the curiosity of reviewers.

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2016 Ford Raptor First Appearance

2016 Ford Raptor review

The first appearance of 2016 Ford Raptor was revealed by its automakers in the 2015 Detroit Auto Show several months ago. The prototype version was very impressed us who became the witness of the birth of new Raptor. This second-generation raptor will be ready to replace Special Vehicle Team Raptor which is the outgoing model for this truck. Sad news for us at the event, the marketing manager declared that this is not 2015 model year truck but becomes the 2016 model year. This statement broke our heart because we need to wait more time to see 2016 Ford Raptor release date.

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The platform of 2016 Ford Raptor won’t change at all. I am seeing the same steel ladder frame chassis which used for the prototype at the whole show. However, it should be upgraded materials I think into high-strength steel. Moreover, the body will be covered by all aluminum material to keep its body in lightweight class. Good news, this material was seen on the prototype’s body design. Although aluminum is not good for longevity, Ford should find another option to reduce the weight of this truck, for its acceleration and handling sake. They can use mixed aluminum with steel in order to gain both of benefits.

2016 Ford Raptor Under the Hood

2016 Ford Raptor design

For your information, the current Raptor is using 6.2 L V8 engine. Otherwise, the upgraded 5.0 Liter V8 engine will be better for the 2016 Ford Raptor because there is no clarification yet about what kinds of engine for the next Raptor. They have still more time to pick the best for this truck and also fuel consumption. Off-roading depends on the fuel while there is rare of gasoline station on the off-road track. The EcoBoost is the best idea from Ford to gain this fuel economy. Moreover, this is their own product. Why not to test it with turbodiesel or hybrid.

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