2016 Ford Focus RS USA with Extraordinary Design

The 2016 Ford Focus RS USA will come with up-rated engine which belongs to new Mustang, a 2.3 Liter EcoBoost. The four-cylinder engine is also completed under the RS hood. The engine produces around 315 horsepower with all-wheel drive system. Meanwhile, some reviewers noted that the new Focus RS reached 60 mph for five seconds. These powers are served by six-speed manual transmission which categorized as the favorite gearbox nowadays. Although there is no announcement or further details of Focus RS USA’s powertrain, I believe this is the narrower specs of next generation of RS.

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2016 Ford Focus RS USA Engine

2016 Ford Focus RS USA review

As I stated earlier, the 2016 Ford Focus RS USA comes with 2.3 liter engine. Otherwise, its sibling flagship revised all of powertrains under the Mustang hood. As we can see the Mustang has new intercooler design and turbocharger inertia. Perhaps, this revised will meet the Focus RS too. By the way, Ford also promises about new free-revving for top models of Focus RS. It means that, we will see EcoBoost system on the RS new lineup. However, the max rev limit for Mustang is only 6800 rpm. I do not know what they want to do with this free term.

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2016 Ford Focus RS USA Platforms

2016 Ford Focus RS USA design

Many experts claimed that the 2016 Ford Focus RS USA has better acceleration when it does not drift, thanks to the clever chassis that implemented by Ford these days. They also claim about the beautiful exterior style rather than its predecessor. This means that Ford RS comes with aggressive feel and look with new rear spoiler which connected with its liftgate segment. The 19-inch wheels will be set as standard feature for all model including United States buyers. Inside the cabin, Ford retuned the steering wheel which using electrical system.

USA Market

The 2016 Ford Focus RS USA is the first two generations which dominantly on sale in Europe market scene. Actually, they offer this model globally but USA becomes the tester at last phase. This is not the first marketing way of Ford when choosing USA as their firs destination. Other car such as GT is also using this way to attract market. That is why United States should be more patient to try the new Focus RS. Perhaps, they are going to try it in the next year. The main production of Ford is in Germany as its HQ. The production will be scheduled in the end of 2015.  The first detail has conducted at Geneva Auto Show in earlier of this year ago.

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