2016 Ford Explorer Sport Review and Specification

I got good news for Explorer fans which waiting this car in the market. Latest news said that the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport has affordable price at $31,500 as starting MSRP. This cost featured front-wheel drive for the base model of 2016 Explorer. The engine is also V6 engine as standard. If you want to add four-cylinder system, you should add extra funds of $995. For the 4-wheel-drive system is the same, but you should take your money deeper at $2,000. I suggest you to buy the higher trim such as XLT which priced at $34,300. All optional features that I said before come standard for this trim.

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2016 Ford Explorer Sport Interior 

Next point is about the interior of 2016 Ford Explorer Sport. As you know that this car has large cargo and cabin and it is able to carry out seven passengers with its three rows arrangement. Unlike other rivals, the third row has capability to provide adults passenger. Likely third row, the second row has three person benches too. You are able to fold second and third row when you need more spaces for cargo. Other good news is that Ford removed the touch-sensitive system which usually found at previous Explorer with actual buttons for driver.

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2016 Ford Explorer Sport Exterior

2016 Ford Explorer Sport review

Ford does not forget how to design SUV for their 2016 Ford Explorer Sport. We can see the signature silhouette of Explorer even on the highest trims. They also give some details on its body in order to make buyers happier. At the front, we can view the LED headlights as usual modern car. In addition, these LEDs have low-beam to avoid any accident in the dark situation. The bumper reminds us about Land Rover which has heavy materials on it. If you a new driver and afraid of parking lot, you can use front-view camera plus the parking sensors to give better maneuver.

2016 Ford Explorer Sport design

2016 Ford Explorer Sport Powertrains

The engine of 2016 Ford Explorer Sport is same with other SUVs. In other words, nothing special for this year except better fuel economy features. There is a 3.5 Liter V6 engine which produce 290 horsepower. For the fuel economy, as usual Ford uses EcoBoost platform for every lineup of new vehicle. Special for Sport trim, we have twin-turbocharged engine V6 with EcoBoost system. The power of Sport is around 365 horsepower and I think this is quite fast than normal SUVs. Six-speed automatic transmission comes as standard for all models. Moreover, there are some paddle-shifters lied down on the steering wheel.

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