2016 Audi A5 Convertible, Powertrain And Competitors


The first Audi A5 can be found since seven years ago. The next facelift was only once and it happened three years ago. The situation comes hot since BMW as its main rival launched out 4 Series Coupe and Convertible version recently. It pushed Audi to declare their 2016 Audi A5 convertible right after six months of the coupe version in this year. This new generation of A5 will be a tough rival for BMW because Audi is not joking to develop A5 lineup includes the future A5. We cannot wait the market scene with the performance both of these big car’s manufacturers in 2015.

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Diet Program

2016 Audi A5 exterior


This is the first think for car enthusiasts when seeing the spy shots of 2016 Audi A5 convertible because the design is slimmer than the outgoing model. According to the latest report, the A5 convertible has 220 pounds of total weight. Likely, Audi’s program for the new A5 has successfully, thanks to the lightweight materials which including the body covers and also engine material. Because of this diet program, Audi is also reducing the fuel consumption. Unlikely other rivals which downsize the engine into the lowest size at 1.4, Audi did not use this trick any longer.


2016 Audi A5 redesign

As I stated earlier, Audi did not need downsize the engine for their 2016 Audi A5 convertible. They have been using lighter engine ancillaries to give lighter weight plus low fuel consumption. Moreover, the wheels and panels are formed by aluminum material. However, there is something special under the hood of new Audi A5. They just continued the outgoing model’s engine, of course, with the improvisation on its level. We have a V6 engine on the S5 trim. It will produce 340 horsepower in its top speed. Meanwhile, higher trim as RS5 got the current V8 engine of previous model. It was fused with new twin turbocharged V6 engine as optional. The power is around 475 horsepower and I think it is quite enough for a sporty convertible car. Some rumors said that Audi bravely brings their A5 with electric engine.


The 2016 Audi A5 convertible is narrowly coming somewhere in this year. It makes BMW 4 Series scrambling in the market scene now. For the specification of 4 Series, BMW offers with four model variants. All of them are featured by new xDrive all-wheel drive platform which categorized as modern drive system for now. Will Audi use the same drive platform for its A5? Let us see in couple months later.

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