Super Luxurious Lamborghini Superlegera Lp570-4

Lamborghini Superlegera Lp570-4 is still a desirable option among cool sport cars released in 2014. Even up to the end of its promotion, we still think that this is going to be worthy one. From the outside, the car has wowed us already with contemporary cuts and exotic finishes in black and red. On the inside, it owns tenacious tractions, balanced all-wheel handling, optimum power, and noises that only exclusive sport car could produce. However, we have to admit that the vehicle isn’t as nimble as others in the category due its size. Some setups also let the driver and passenger to experience a little stiffness. But it’s Lamborghini after all. All greatness is packed very well that we’ll still be enjoying Superlegera Lp570-4 no matter what.

Lamborghini Superlegera Lp570-4 specification

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Whats with Lamborghini Superlegera Lp570-4 Well Love?

Lamborghini Superlegera Lp570-4 wallpaper

The 4 stands in Superlegera’s full name stands for its feature of all-wheel drive mode. This arrangement, according to the company, is the best they have pulled out in order to offer the car owner with smooth riding and racing experience with its 19-inch wheels. When we are talking about the performance, the all-wheel drive mode is just a starter. More completely, the vehicle is equipped with 5.2L V10 engine with six-speed manual transmission. Later on, 550 horsepower can be reached, as well as the 60 mph record in less than 5 seconds. The spec is accompanied with reliable 397 lb/ft of torque. The modification also covered much more implementation of hi-tech control system.

Lamborghini Superlegera Lp570-4 price

The cabin is showcased livelier. While the digital-based control system is already available, it also gets friendlier. To support the comfort aspect, soft-touch materials are selectively picked to treat the interior. If we may conclude now, what Superlegera Lp570-4 can do with reasonable pricing at $237,600 is exactly what we wish to earn from a luxurious, cool sport car from Lamborghini.

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