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2017 Fiat Tipo Station Wagon Review: Larger than the Hatchback

The 2017 Fiat Tipo Station Wagon was constructed without any unnecessary detail. Instead, the automaker sticks at the main characteristics of what they have done for years even century. It means that the car will show the more functionalities and personalities for the owners. Yeah, we really agree with this historic concept. The result is pretty strong and dynamic. For your information, the Tipo Station Wagon isn’t alone in the lineup. There is also a five-door or hatchback versions that will make us come in dilemmatic decision between both. We hope that we can convince you about the wagon through this article because both versions are pretty similar.


2017 Fiat Tipo Station Wagon exterior

2017 Fiat Tipo Station Wagon exterior


The dimension of 2017 Fiat Tipo Station Wagon is obviously mildly longer than its sibling brother the 5-door model. For the details, the Tipo wagon has 4.57 meter of length, and 1.5 meter of height. Meanwhile, the hatch only has 4.37 meter long, which is 20 cm lower than the wagon. The cargo capacity also belongs to the wagon. But both versions are the best in the class by the way. For your information, the wagon allows 550 liters of load capacity while the hatch is just 440 liters. It is clearly a significant different for both versions.


2017 Fiat Tipo Station Wagon exteriors

2017 Fiat Tipo Station Wagon exteriors

You need to know the overview of 2017 Fiat Tipo Station Wagon since the wagon is not the only one that is available in the class. The unique idea is to remember all trims and specs of Tipo. All of them are offered in three types. In other words, there are three trims, three styles and even three engine variants. The trim levels are Pop, Easy and Lounge. At the same time, the engine divides into petrol, petrol or LPG and diesel engines. It also happens to the transmissions. They are manual, dual-clutch and automatic transmissions. For the automatic transmission, it comes with the torque converter.


2017 Fiat Tipo Station Wagon interior

2017 Fiat Tipo Station Wagon interior

Inside of 2017 Fiat Tipo Station Wagon, there are plenty features and solutions that can help the drivers and passengers getting the best driving experience in their life. Thanks to the automaker that has this concept since long time ago. The debut of UconnectTM in 7-inch HD display system is ready to play alongside the debut of 2017 Tipo wagon. You need to know that this touchscreen is very responsive just like the tablet in your fingertips. In addition, the connectivity is also completely available such as the Bluetooth, voice recognition, USB ports, Apple CarPlay and many more.


The engine variants are offered in many types in 2017 Fiat Tipo Station Wagon hood. For example, there is a turbodiesel engine called 1.3 MultiJet engine that produces 95 horsepower. You can see the details on the 5-door version. In this review, we concern with the transmissions. The base engine, 1.3 MultiJet, gets a 5-speed manual transmission. Meanwhile, other engines receives six-speed manual gearbox. The automatic transmission is only available for the 1.6 petrol engine and the dual-clutch is for the 1.6 MultiJet engine. The best part is the torque converter, which comes with the 1.6-petrol engine.


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